The service "full care" is designed to offer customised solutions for any necessary  preventive and remedial conservation work, including the collection of artifacts from the owner’s premises, and their return after treatment. Upon receipt of an enquiry from either the Gallery Moshe Tabibnia collection managers or an external client, the laboratory staff will issue a condition report and work plan. The condition report includes the findings of a preliminary study of the materials, manufacturing technique, and appearance of the artifact under examination; identifies any element or characteristic bearing witness to its origins and history; and describes its state of conservation. The work plan indicates any scientific analysis required for a more thorough assessment, and recommends any possible necessary conservation work – in which case, the report also provides information about the proposed treatments, the suggested methodology, the cost and time required to complete the work, and lastly, the specifications of the more appropriate framing or showcasing options. The aforementioned documentation is issued by our laboratory staff in response to enquiries from potential customers, with a view to offer our services to potential customers.

Our custody service allows collectors and clients to store their antique textile artefacts in the secure vaults of Gallery Moshe Tabibnia. Temperature, light, and relative humidity conditions in this environment comply with the prescribed conservation standards for the preservation of historic textiles. Custody service, with insurance, is also offered as an option.

The cleaning service offered by our laboratory includes a wide range of treatments, from washing to stain removal, to disinfection and disinfestation. Full immersion cleaning, and low-pressure, vacuum table cleaning stand out among the services offered.
Any treatment is recommended and carefully executed after evaluating the characteristics of the historic textile artefact under examination, and assessing its state of conservation.

The gallery offers a sanitation service to take care of your antique textiles. A specific treatment for the elimination of all bacterial and harmful substances for the correct conservation of the work will ensure the thorough cleaning and sanitation of your objects for the safety of your homes. For this special treatment, all the procedures necessary to guarantee the safety of customers and employees will be carried out during the home collection, processing and delivery phases.


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