Twelve tapestries depicting the Zodiac evoke the splendour of the Roi Soleil
Rassegna Stampa
“The celebrations for the four hundredth anniversary of the Manufacture des Gobelins just ended in Paris and now, as a take-over torch bearer, Milan sheds light on the suite of twelve tapestries, also known as ‘Les douze mois grotesques’, which is exhibited at the Moshe Tabibnia Gallery. Realized by the renowned French factory lent to King Henry IV in 1601 and only then devoted to making tapestries, this series is a rare early version of the one designed by Claude Audran, perhaps with Antoine Watteau e Alaxandre François Desportes’ contribution, which was commissioned by the Roi Soleil for the Grand Dauphin in 1709. [...]”

Francesca Bonazzoli
Deities, Monkeys and Signs of the Zodiac