A Series of lectures that coincide with the exhibition ‘Revealed Wefts’
Comunicato Stampa
The exhibition ‘Revealed Wefts’, on view at the Moshe Tabibnia Gallery until 18th October 2008, showcases a selection of sixteenth and seventeenth-century carpets, ideally drawing a parallel with the exhibition path of the exhibit ‘Il Frammento Ritrovato: il Tappeto di Caccia e altre Storie’ showing at the Poldi Pezzoli museum, Milan. The latest edition of the catalogue illustrating the Poldi Pezzoli Museum’s collection of antique textiles has been published by Umberto Allemandi thanks to Moshe Tabinia’s sponsorship. [...] ‘Revealed Wefts’ stems from Moshe Tabibnia Gallery’s will to pave the way for synergy with other cultural institutions based in Milan. [...] In concomitance with the exhibition ‘Revealed Wefts’, a lecture series will be held at the Gallery from 14 to 16 October 2008, mirroring Moshe Tabibnia Gallery’s commitment to learning activities. Renowned scholars, including Gianluca Poldi, Giulia Mariti and Annalisa Zanni, are the guest speakers who will shed light on different aspects related to investigative, preventive and remedial conservation of antique textiles.
Revealed Wefts