The Twelve Months of the Roi Soleil
Rassegna Stampa
“While the exhibition organized at the Galerie des Gobelins to celebrate the four hundredth anniversary of the French royal factory’s establishment in Paris, 42 rue des Gobelins [...] was turning to an end, another commemorative exhibition has been set up in Milan, at the museum-oriented Moshe Tabibnia Gallery, which is thus part of an international circuit built around this theme. The exhibit is entitled ‘Deities, Monkeys and Signs of the Zodiac’ (8-30 November 2007) and showcases a rare suite of twelve tapestries known as ‘Les deuxe mois grotesques’ [...]. Only four are the complete series that have survived to this day: one of these is in Rome, at Palazzo Doria Pamphilj; another one, which is excellently preserved, belongs to Moshe Tabibnia’s collection. This cycle of silk woven tapestries with wool thread stitched details mirrors the ancient, traditional representation of the Twelve Months associated to classical deities[...].”
Ada Masoero
Deities, Monkeys and Signs of the Zodiac