Rug and Textile Appreciation Morning: The Intrigue of Baluch Rugs

The set of rugs bought, sold and collected under the catch-all name “Baluch” actually includes the products of a number of weaving groups in different areas of northeast Iran and northwest Afghanistan. Trying to sort them out and deduce inter-relationships is, for some, one of the intrigues of Baluch rugs.
Because of the number of different tribal groups in the areas these rugs and bags are made, there is a wide variety of styles, techniques and color palettes. In addition to certain iconic types, there is an uncommon diversity of idiosyncratic, creative mixing of designs and styles. The most exciting examples of Baluch weaving all use outstanding wool, enabling intensely saturated colors.
While acknowledging that real understanding of Baluch rugs requires handling them, this virtual presentation led by DeWitt Mallary will look at pictures of many of the finest examples of Baluch rugs and bags of various types, and discuss what makes them outstanding, letting the objects demonstrate the intrigue of this group of weavings.
The Textile Museum, Washington
17 Novembre 2022