TRAMANDA: from weaving to Fiber Art

Taking place from May 13 to June 18, Tramanda is an event which celebrates the textile heritage of the town of Chieri in Piedmont, renowned for its weavers since the Middle Ages. The streets of the town centre and various key locations will feature artistic installations designed to tell visitors the story of the town's textile traditions and how they have evolved into Fiber Art.

Fiber Art in Chieri means the Trame d'Autore Civic Collection, an institutional project that was launched in 1998 in the context of the Biennial events of the same name, conceived by the Dutch artist Martha Nieuwenhuijs. The collection currently numbers almost 200 works of international caliber.
And it continues to grow, thanks to the Young Fiber Contest, the international Fiber Art competition, now in its second year. Open to Fiber Artists under the age of 35 whose works resonate with the philosophy of Fiber Art. The contest is made possible thanks to its patron Giancarlo Sponga, the husband of Marialuisa Sponga, one of the leading exponents of this movement and creator of numerous works in the Civic Collection.

Gravitating around the main draw of the Tramanda event, which is the Young Fiber Contest - Dialoghi Urbani (Urban dialogues), are exhibitions, concerts and street art performances inspired by and connected to the world of textiles, with something destined to appeal to all ages.

Chieri (TO)
May 13, 2019