On the Grid: Textiles and Minimalism
The exhibition presents a selection of textile objects from around the world that share many of same aesthetic choices ascribed to minimalism works. This exploration underscores the universality of the movement's underlying design principles, which include regular, symmetrical, or gridded arrangements; repetition of modular elements; direct use and presentation of materials; and an absence of ornamentation. 
Minimalist art is based upon pre-existing systems that conceive of the artwork in advance of its actual execution. These systems, often mathematical, rely on the repetition of simple forms. Textiles by their very nature comply with these core elements, and textile artists, like the Minimal artists, predeterminate the finished work through their selection and processing of materials and in the warping of preparing of the loom. 

de Young - Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
July 23, 2016 - February 12, 2017

de Young - Fine arts museum of San Francisco
July 23, 2016