Art for Life
Rassegna Stampa
“Three years after he organised ‘The Mirabilia Mundis’, [...] Carlo Scaramuzza, an Italian physician fond of antique rugs and textiles and a collector himself, has arranged an outstanding display of textile art in his native town - 65 first class Kaitag embroidery from European private collections, held in the Pordenone Museum of Natural History. [...] All the exhibits bar one (the catalogue cover piece belongs to Dr Scaramuzza himself) were selected from three different sources. The first is the Moreschini Collection of Florence [...]. Next is the Moshe Tabibnia Gallery Collection, including pieces intended to be part of the collection of MATAM [...] with others belonging to a Milanese private collection. The third, smallest group of the Kaitags presented come form a well-known Austrian private collection. [...] There are also useful contributions on technique, and detailed scientific analyses of dyes and colours, carried out by researchers at Milan and Bergamo Universities under the aegis of MATAM [...] ”.
Alberto Boralevi
Kaitag : Art for life