Dazzling wefts
Rassegna Stampa
“Milano, a historic event. Last October, some of the foremost international scholars in the field of historic textiles came to Milan to visit a great exhibition that had long been announced. This exhibit will be remembered as a memorable event in the history of carpets [...]. More than thirty exemplars from various geographical landscapes, including Anatolia and China, and ascribable to the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were shown at the Moshe Tabibnia Gallery [...]. Amongst these, worthy of mention is the marvellous ‘large pattern Holbein’ or four octagon Ushak carpet from the Abbey of San Gregorio, which was acquired in Venice in 2002 [....]. In concomitance with this outstanding show, four lectures were held by the illustrious British scholar Jon Thompson, the author of the impressive volume accompanying the exhibition [...].”
Luca Emilio Brancati
Milestones in the History of Carpets