Sacred Ground, Carpets in Paintings
Rassegna Stampa
Leafing through the pages of a book of history of European art is impossible not to notice the presence of carpets in so many images depicting religious scenes and daily life. Today the certain types of carpets are designated with the name of the painters who first depicted them, for instance the so-called "Tintoretto", "Lotto" and "Holbein" Anatolian carpets wich own their names to Tintoretto, Lotto, and Holbein, respectively. The exhibition "Scared Ground, Carpets in Paintings" that is still running until the 6th of Julyat Galleria Moshe Tabibnia in Milan is an excursus through the history of painting and the history of textile art from the Middle ages to the nineteenth century. In this perspective, a number of remarkable ancient carpets will be presented relating them to as many famous paintings.
Suolo sacro. Tappeti in pittura, XV – XIX secolo