Textile Art Masterpieces_Recensione di Guy Delmarcel
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"Since the early 1990s, Romain Zaleski and his wife Hélène de Prittwitz have collected European tapestries and embroideries in addition to their far-ranging collections of oriental carpets. The products of their quest are now illustrated and discussed in this impressive large-format catalogue, written by specialists Nello Forti Grazzini (tapestries), and Chiara Buss and Gian Luca Bovenzi (embroideries), and lavishly published by the Tabibnia gallery in Milan.
   The focus of the Zaleski tapestry collection is on late medieval and early modern pieces from the main production centres of the time: the Upper and Lower Rhenish communities in Germany and Switzerland, as well as France and Flanders. [...]" 

Guy Delmacel
Racconti tessuti. Arazzi e ricami dal Gotico al Rinascimento