Film Show
Rassegna Stampa
"On 1 December, the Palazzo Reale, Milan opened its doors to Amos Gitai, revered Israeli filmmaker, for a very unusual exhibition organised together with Moshe Tabibnia, the renowed Milan-based antique textiles dealer.

The combination of carpets and movies seems rather odd and is something new in the international scenario of rug exhibitions; however,  it worked very well. [...]

The exhibition presents beautiful, often unsettling photographs shot by Gitai himself during various trips to the places described in the film, together with eight outstanding carpets from Tabibnia's and othe private collections. Among them are two large example of the Caucasian 'Dragon' group and three Persian classical carpets (a 'Salting' prayer rug, a 'Polionaise', and a vase carpet). There are also three Turkish masterpieces: the well-known 16th-century large Karapinar carpet previously exhibited in Tabibnia's 'Milestones' (2006); a 16th-century small medallion Ushak; and a shining red-ground 'Transylvanian' prayer rug. [...] "

Alberto Boralevi
Amos Gitai: Strade | Ways