The Wonderful Zodiac of the Roi Soleil
Rassegna Stampa
“Indeed, there’s always something to learn visiting the exhibitions on view at the Moshe Tabibnia Gallery [...], including the exhibit showing until November 30th (Via Brera 3, Milan, Phone +39 02 8051545) and presenting a rarely seen masterpiece that is also the fulcrum of this display, which has been set up to celebrate, in Italy, the four hundredth anniversary of the famous ‘Manufacture des Gobelins’ from Paris. In fact, the exhibition entitled ‘Deities, Monkeys and Signs of the Zodiac’ showcases a marvellous suite of twelve silk woven tapestries (with wool stitched details) ascribable to 1710-30 and depicting the Twelve Months of the year. [...] These twelve finely executed long bands with delicate colours show an incredible number of figures [...], an allegorical iconography that has roots in classical antiquity, bears the influence of Pompeian archaeology and the Italian Renaissance, and was clearly revisited in a design to mirror the French lay and exquisite taste of the early eighteenth century."
Domenico Montalto
Deities, Monkeys and Signs of the Zodiac