On March 12th, an exemplary exhibition of Imperial Chinese dragon carpets opens at Danon, New York and will remain in town for the duration of Asia week. When the show closes on April 30th, they will leave for the Museum of Oriental Art in Rome; a sale of the entire collection will follow.
Danon open a second exhibition, along a similarly representative theme, in New York on May 7th.
This outstanding group was over 15 years in the making; the carpets themselves a selection of the finest pieces that once resided within the Forbidden City.
They were woven in a mixture of silk, copper, silver and gold threads during the Qianlong Reign (1735-1796) in the Imperial workshops of Xinjiang and Peking, and epitomise the height of Imperial taste as well as the symbolism associated with the Qing Dynasty and its lineage.

Danon Gallery, New York
12 March - 30 April 2009
New York, Danon Gallery
March 12, 2009