Ancient Peruvian Textiles

On Tuesday March 26, 2019 at 6 pm the Khaled al-Asaad Spazio delle Culture at the Mudec - Milan's Museum of Cultures is set to host the conference Ancient Peruvian Textiles: introduction with guided tour,given by Ann Peters, academic consultant of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology of the University of Pennsylvania.

The event was a unique opportunity to learn about the millenary textile traditions of Pre-Columbian Peru, from the desert to the snowy peaks of the Andes. Thanks to the exceptional climate of the Peruvian coast, very ancient fabrics have been preserved, often in a superb state of conservation, such as those of Paracas. Garments crafted from cotton or the fibre of Andean camelids were used as shrouds, and in cemeteries connected to the Paracas tradition fabrics produced using a wide variety of techniques, enriched with unique painting and embroidery, have been found. The ancient peoples of Peru are known for their various funeral rites and regalia. And although production techniques and apparel have evolved continuously, from the Colonial period to the Republic and throughout the twentieth century, many Andean and Amazonian communities still use techniques that date far back in history.

After a general introduction, participants were given the opportunity to see some of these incredible treasures in person, with a brief visit to the Mudec storage area.

The conference, with free admission on a first come, first served basis, is part of the fourth focus of Milano Città Mondo(Milan World City), an annual event devoted to the city's numerous international communities, culminating in the recent opening of the exhibition Storie in movimento: Milanesi in Perù, Peruviani a Milano(Stories on the move: Milanese in Peru, Peruvians in Milan).

Tuesday March 26, 6 pm
MUDEC, "Khaled al-Asaad" Spazio delle Culture

Milan, MUDEC - Museo delle Culture
March 26, 2019