Crivelli and Brera
The exhibition Crivelli e Brera is among the events announced to celebrate the bicentenary of Pinacoteca di Brera. All of Carlo Crivelli’s artwork that arrived in Milan due to the Marches that took place during Napoleon’s raids have been gathered together for this occasion.

Along these works, a selection of period carpets and textiles depicted by Crivelli in his paintings will also be on display. This section is curated by Moshe Tabibnia, President of MATAM Cultural Association - Museum of Antique Textile Arts in Milan, for the promotion and support of the future Museum of Antique Textile Arts in Milan (MATAM).

Two extremely rare 15th-century “Crivelli carpets”, coming from the Museum of Fine Arts of Budapest and from the Orient Stars Collection, will also be on display at the exhibition. They are placed alongside Carlo Crivelli’s only two works which portray them, which this type of Anatolian carpet is named after (The Annunciation from the National Gallery in London and the Virgin Annunciate from Stadel Museum in Frankfurt). Along with these, the great 15th-century “Holbein” carpet, destined for the upcoming MATAM museum in Milan, and also depicted in the Annunciation from London, will also be previewed.
Milan, Pinacoteca di Brera
Nov. 26, 2009