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Intrecci del Novecento. Arazzi e tappeti di artisti e manifatture italiane
Curated by Moshe Tabibnia and Virginia Giuliano
477 pages; 29,5 x 24,5 cm; 182 artworks in color; 550 illustrations; language: Italian
65,00 €
65,00 €
This volume is a reflection on the relationship connecting artists from the 20th century and contemporary artists with textile art, and on the way artistic textile weaving managed to affirm itself as and independent form of art per se. The studies presented in this book are the result of several years of research, and they focus on 20th century textile art, paying particular attention to all those Italian manufacturers that created rugs and tapestries together with many of the major Italian artists of the time, also touching on today’s Italian Fiber Art.  

The volume comprises multiple essays, presenting the contributions of multiple experts on the topic, including Gillo Dorfles, Enrico Crispolti, Doretta Davanzo Poli, Massimo Bignardi, Giselle Eberhard Cotton, Marina Giordano, Maria Taboga, Gianni Franzone, Matteo Fochessati, Paolo Rusconi, Giacinta Cavagna di Gualdana, Livia Crispolti, Elda Danese, Giuliana Altea, Renata Pompas, Gabriella Anedi, Marina Zatta.

A selection of 182 works accompanies the reader along this path, following the thread of 20th century textile art, especially shedding light on the relationships connecting this art form with painting and other visual art forms.
Intrecci del Novecento. Tapestries and carpets of Italian artists and manufactures

The twentieth Century was a significant time for textile art. Thanks to the growing interest of artists and the numerous prestigious public commissions, this art movement experiences intense novelties and starts blooming.